Liang Lab Hiring Postdoctoral Research Position

We are seeking highly motivated individuals for postdoctoral positions in the laboratory of Dr. Yun Liang in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, UWSchool of Medicine and Public Health. Our laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular basis for sexual dimorphism in immunity, which represents a remarkable and unexplained example for biological differences between men and women. Many autoimmune diseases feature strikingly increased prevalence in females (~78% female overall and up to 95% for specific diseases). In contrast, infectious diseases affect more men than women at a 2:1 ratio. Using a combination of -omic, molecular, cell-based and animal-based approaches, we aim to decipher the mechanisms underlying the fundamental differences in immune regulation between men and women. For more information, please visit our lab website at

We welcome candidate who is passionate about biological or biomedical sciences. A doctoral degree (PhD or MD/PhD) in immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry or closely related discipline is required. Experience with -omics and/or mouse models is preferred. We support your career path towards independency.

To apply, please send a cover letter with a statement of your scientific background, research interests and career goals, CV, and contact information of three referees to Dr. Liang at