Postdoc Positions Available in Sauer Lab

Funded postdoc positions studying Host-Microbe interactions in the Sauer Lab:

The Sauer lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison is looking for highly motivated post-docs to join our team studying bacterial-host interactions and how these interactions lead to either disease or long term cell mediated immunity. We seek to fill up to two NIH-funded positions.

The Sauer lab is interested in all aspects of host-pathogen interactions and primarily uses the foodborne pathogen and model organism Listeria monocytogenes to dissect these interactions. Currently funded projects in the lab focus on 4 major areas including:

1. How do intracellular pathogens parasitize their host cells? 
This project focuses on the mechanisms by which L. monocytogenes and other professional cytosolic pathogens survive and thrive in the host cell cytosol.

2. How can we take advantage of pathogen virulence strategies to develop novel antimicrobials? 
This project focuses both on understanding how highly conserved virulence factors known as PASTA kinases function and also on further developing small molecule inhibitors of these kinases as novel antibiotics.

3. How does the host recognize and respond to infection by intracellular pathogens?
This project focuses on identifying and understanding the mechanism of action for innate, cell autonomous defenses that protect the host cell cytosol with a particular focus on how metabolism influences these interactions.

4. How does innate immune recognition of intracellular pathogens drive adaptive immune responses?
This project aims to understand how innate immune signaling, in particular eicosanoid signaling, primes antigen specific T-cell responses to L. monocytogenes immunization, particularly in the context of tumor immunotherapy.

The projects are currently funded by 2 R01s, an R21, and a BWF PATH fellowship.

Successful applicants will be scientifically ambitious with a strong record of published research success and a PhD or equivalent. UW-Madison is a leading research institute with over $1.0 billion in research activity annually. Madison is well known for its large microbiology community, has an active postdoc association and embraces mentoring and career development. In addition, the town of Madison was moved to the top of the list as Livability’s “Best City in America,” with great access to outdoor activities, music, culture, politics, food and craft beer.

Send a CV and cover letter explaining your research interests to JD Sauer ( Also, reach out to @SauerLab or get more information at

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