Undergraduate Courses

A number of undergraduate lecture courses are taught by the faculty of the Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology, School of Medicine and Public Health. To learn more about our course offerings, check out the Undergraduate Courses webpage.

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Graduate Program

As a student in Microbiology Doctoral Training Program (MDTP), your time will be spent in two main areas: coursework and research.  In addition, MDTP is committed to career enrichment outside of this traditional training model in the form of both teaching opportunities and a professional development requirement which provides an opportunity for students to explore careers ranging from academia, public policy, patent law, private industry and many others.  Read on below for an overview and check out our program requirements for more details.

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Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

MMI postdoctoral positions serve as exceptional stepping stones to various careers in microbiology. If you are interested in an academic faculty position, a research position in industry, or are simply unsure of what microbiology-based career path you wish to follow, please consider a postdoctoral position with an MMI faculty member.

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