Dr. Andy Mehle Elected as ASV Animal Virology Councilor

Congratulations to Dr. Andy Mehle on being elected to the governing council of the American Society of Virology (ASV) as their Animal Virology Councilor. The election polls the international membership of ASV to seat Councilors for 3 year terms.

Founded in 1981, the American Society for Virology is the professional society for virology researchers with an international footprint to stimulate discussion and collaboration among researchers. The Society strongly advocates for evidence-based science and expert leadership in public decision making.

ASV held an election where the international membership picked leadership positions for the governing Council of the society.

Dr. Mehle was elected to a 3-year term as the Councilor for Animal Virology, pairing well with the lab’s focus on influenza virus research. He will be able to represent and advocate for the needs of virologists at all stages of their training and career, while also looking outward to engage the public and increase scientific literacy surrounding viruses.

There are 9 Councilors. Currently, UW Madison is well represented with Paul Friesen as Councilor for Invertebrate Virology and Kristen Bernard as past-president/Nominating Committee Chair.