MMI Faculty and Research Staff Receive Research Grants

Over the past few months, several Medical Microbiology & Immunology faculty and students have been awarded research grants for their outstanding projects and work. Grants are extremely competitive and we want to congratulate everyone on their successful applications! Please see the list below of awardees:

Jin Woo Bok will serve as a Co-Principal Investigator and Nancy Keller will serve as a Co-Investigator on the NIH/NIAID-funded SBIR Fast-Track award “Rapid discovery of thousands of intact biosynthetic gene pathways for bioactive natural product compounds from un-sequence filamentous fungi using a novel FAC-NGS tool” which was awarded to Lead PI Dr. Chengcang Wu at Intact Genomics (Jan 15).

Laura Knoll received a NIH/NIAID R01 research grant award for her project titled “Sexual Development of Toxoplasma in Feline Intestinal Organoids” (Jan 15), which had scored in the 1st percentile during peer review!

JD Sauer received a NIH/NIAID R21 research grant award for his project titled “Orthogonal Approaches to Understanding the Role of PASTA Kinases in beta-lactam Resistance” (Jan 15).